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Investigators haven't confirmed it's Melinda Duckett in that photograph. He had fully cooperated with all authorities and was found at home, in bed, at 9: Reply to Carmon Then, investigators looking into Duckett's background, hit upon an unusual clue.

Still, many hope to fill in gaps that police might have missed. Multiple cum in pussy. Melinda duckett sex. In the days and months that followed Melinda Duckett's violent death, the media machine seemed to be at its pinnacle as it cranked out sensationalistic headlines and talk-show hosts nattered on about ten-inch slits, [ 5 ] bags and blood, [ 6 ] fraudulent email, [ 7 ] pornography [ 8 ] and bank embezzlement.

Police still consider Duckett to be the prime suspect in Trenton's disappearance. She is respected obviously by quite a few people or she wouldnt have a show in the first place. She went in to check on him and he was not there. Despite Grace's controversial style and brusque commentary, investigators credit the prosecutor-turned-pundit for keeping the public focused on the case. Last week, investigators said one of the friends was Chris Pearce, and that he answered all questions from investigators and passed a polygraph test.

Police found naked photos of Duckett, pornographic tape, and a sexually explicit video in which a crying baby can be heard in the background.

How many of you bleeding hearts with your hands folded in your lap are aware that 2 days before Trenton was reported missing his sick mother Melinda bought a shotgun at a local pawn shop.

She then tells the dispatcher: I think we should all keep our slanderous remarks to ourselves and pray for the safe return of Trenton and hope he comes back alive. Why, after being asked pointed questions did she feel the need to leave the show? We have not participated in the police investigation.

God bless all our little children. This child did nothing to deserve any of this. Pokemon may cosplay. New witness comes forward.

Melinda duckett sex

I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, who wants to believe a mother can hurt her child, although they do every day. This seems like a really calculated ordeal. He was a victim before he even went missing- as is a lot of children in break-ups.

Good luck to you all. Nancy Grace, did her job,if Melinda Duckett felt nancy was to hard on her she should of never of gone on. I love him dearly and he is all I was breathing for. I was too afraid to feel because I knew if I let myself feel the terror and the pain, I would have put a gun to my head.

We all know how that turned out. What would you do if your child went missing? She had planned killing herself sooner than she did.

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Melinda Duckett was evil, conniving, vindictive, and wanted vengeance against Josh, at any and all costs.

Did Nancy push Melinda over the edge? That God will hear us and bring him home safe and alive. Pics of naked girls sleeping. Sure the media hounded her for interviews under the pretense that it would get the story seen by lots of people.

I have read alot of different reports on this case. Like clockwork, Massero went to the press and like clockwork, she managed to look quite foolish as she bemoaned a handful of posters railing against her on an obscure Internet message board. The source of these rumors? Look at Jon Bonet…her parents were in the media for years…they have no proof they were ever liable for their daughters death.

Mother cats faced with a dog coming too close will literally eat them. His new girlfriend is fat and ugly and looks like she just stepped out of a rehab center for homeless alcoholic prostitutes. A place where there is only laughter and fun.

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So I have two theories, the first one is she killed him and disposed of his body and then she thought that no one would accuse her. Melinda duckett sex. As for the media, why did they make a production over the throwing away of an inaccurate flier? What would he EAT? This is an extremely tragic story where nobody ever wins. Other sociopaths who figured they were smarter than the world.

Melinda Duckett just didnt want her child anymore. Whether they're self-proclaimed psychics [ 1 ] and scammers, [ 2 ] who see an opportunity to make some money or those who seem to be a tad on this side of mentally imbalanced [ 3 ] or just your average armchair sleuth. Nice hard cock pics. Blaming an excellant reporter for this individuals sick mental health is absurd. Children are such a wonderful gift. Sometimes if you just hang on a little longer things can get better and that is what I am praying for.

We all have one thing in common and that is to find this little boy alive and safe, but i have great doubt………this is too sad. Lets see, since Trenton was reported missing: Yet her routine coverage likely has incited the simultaneous memorializing and demonizing of the toddler's troubled mother. America's Most Wanted MySpace.

After reading everyones comments, all the news media, and peoples speculations, it hurts to know that this boy is still missing. Trenton will always live in all our hearts! Has anyone heard anything new on poor little Trenton. Would you have the needed critical information immediately available?

I can understand being so distraught that you would want to end your life if someone did in fact take your child. Naked girl running on treadmill. The point is the horribly insensitive and irresponsible way Grace behaved. Neither could provide a stable life to this child. Mystery attracts the amateur investigators, Huff said. Those that have problems with her questioning, such as Melinda Duckett, probably have something to hide and should understand that is how she would be questioned in court. They had to have been either involved and is to afraid to come out and say anything or she just told some one.

If you were traveling, on vacation or visiting friends would you, in a moment of panic and stress, be able to retrieve vital information to aid in search efforts? And once she found out that people were suspecting her the fear and the guilt made her kill her self. She also stated that one of the gentlemen that were at her house that night had disappeared and has not been seen since then. When are we all going to learn? Accept it, deal with it and if you think you can change it, go ahead.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Quite frankly, if someone commits suicide right after doing a television with you, and you were aggressive and abusive on them before a national audience you have some serious responsibility in their death.

It seemed to me Nancy was more concerned about her sons where abouts then Trentons own mother was?

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